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Frequently Asked Questions

What sections are still available?

You can choose either in our panoramic zone, or in “Privada Santa Fe” area.

Are there financial plans available?

We have our own financing program. It includes a 20% down payment, and a competitive fixed interest rate of 12% on annual basis over unspent balances. The term to pay is up to 15 years.

How much does a m2 costs in Villas de Irapuato®?

The price per m2 in Villas de Irapuato® starts at $ 5,100 Mexican pesos, depending on the area.

What construction restrictions does the land have?

Every ground is based for single-family usage. Construction restrictions on the part of the subdivision are only on the front and the height of the property; In addition, municipal restrictions contemplate: a. do not divide the property and b. residential usage. In the case of Private Santa Fe, there is a construction regulation that must also be taken into consideration.

What services does my property have?

Water, sanitary drainage, electricity, garbage collection, public lighting, and the subdivision has a network of security cameras with a citizen's attention button, connected to C4 municipal security system.

What are the nearby services?

Within the housing subdivision is the Golf Club, urban parks with more than 5,000m2 of green areas and recreation, the most important educational centers such as the TEC de Monterrey, the Kipling and Cumbres schools, pharmacies, convenience stores, hospitals, Convention Center, meetings and events saloons, hotels, the Santa Margarita Church, and 5 minutes away is Plaza Cibeles, the best shopping center in Irapuato where you can find most of the banks and automotive agencies.